Monday, August 16, 2010

Highlights from Art Reception, "Portraits from Montgomery to Paris," Rosa Parks Museum Gallery and Library, August 21, 2008

Reception was dedicated to my grandmother, Emma Jenkins Richardson. It was dedicated to the memory of Johnnie Rebecca Carr, my great aunt and the best friend of Rosa Parks, and to Pat McClammy, the wife of Alabama State Representative Thad McClammy. My cousin, Keri Diamond Smith, who has, along with her sister Megan Smith served as a liturgical dancer over the years at Catholic masses and retreats in range of cities, did a dance that she developed entitled "The Debutante's Dance" in light of the debutante series in my family series, to open the reception in the exhibition gallery and prior to my remarks. She ended the dance with a curtsy that evoked the famous Texas debutante bow known as the "Texas Dip," but instead of extending her arms outward as she bent down, pulled her hands together in front of her face in the shape of a prayer. That night, I even carried the Paris theme through in styling by wearing the black sundress, the thin black scarf and the decorative black Malina fabric purse with its rich fabric and decorative design that I'd bought while shopping in the city in 2007. (Malina purses purchased in Montmartre were the main gifts that I brought back for the women in my family). About 100 family members, friends, community members and leaders in the community Montgomery attended this reception, whose distinguished guests also included the scholar Houston A. Baker, Jr., and his wife, the scholar Charlotte Pierce-Baker. This event was documented by Megan Smith and also by Cyrinthia Walker (whose images were shared with the assistance of Travis Armstrong).

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